2023-06-15 18:39

China (Vietnam) Trade Fair 2023 is held at SECC Saigon Expo Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on June 15th, 2023, with great success. With more than 312 verified China suppliers participating, this trade show showcase 10,000+ qualified products covering nine categories, including consumer electronics, home appliance, building material, textiles, household, auto parts, etc.

At the China-Vietnam Trade Fair 2023, Chinese exhibitors showcase their latest products for customers to experience and feel the new trends. Plus, this three-day show creates perfect opportunities for Chinese companies and Vietnamese buyers to have face-to-face communication, which contributes to fostering cooperation and partnership and promoting bilateral trade.

BWOO, one of the most important consumer electronics suppliers, is honored to participate in the fair as an exhibitor to showcase hundreds of our latest products and technologies, covering fast-charging data cables, power banks, in-car chargers, wireless earbuds, and more, which earns warm welcomes from buyers and visitors.

On June 15–17, 2023, at booth No. J103–J104, BWOO representatives patiently introduced our product and held many valuable talks with many buyers and visitors. Through this trade show, our company has established contacts and cooperation with more than 50 local clients, some of whom have made great remarks about our products because of their fashionable design and practicality and placed their first orders. 

In addition, after the end of the exhibition, BWOO representatives also visit our local clients and show great thanks to us for the many-year partnership.

Vietnam, the largest trading partner of China in ASEAN, is also one of t the most important markets in Asia. Although the China (Vietnam) Trade Fair 2023  has concluded, this trade show still has a profound influence on the development of BWOO. Not only does it enhance the reputation in the world, but it also inspires BWOO to create more valuable products and services for you.