2023 PT Jakarta International Expo

2023-05-24 14:33

BWOO on China (Indonesia) International Trade Fair

On May 24th, China (Indonesia) International Trade Fair was held at the International Expo, Jakarta, and it ran till May 26th. With an exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters, it offers more than 1,000 booths, covering nine industrial categories, including consumer electronics, textile and garment, industrial machinery, household appliances, motorcycle parts, and more. 

During the three-day trade show, about 800 excellent exhibitors from China participated in this show, attracting over 27,000 professional visitors, which brought an order amount exceeding US$2.8 billion. 

Ma Luoluo, director of the Export Development Department of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, says, "China is one of Indonesia's major trading partners. The two countries are complementary in industries, and this trading show provides a good opportunity for enterprises of China and Indonesia to establish contacts and cultivate partnerships."


BWOO, one of the leading mobile accessories suppliers, seized this opportunity to join the show by showcasing its innovative flagship products including high-capacity power banks, 100W fast charging data cables, magnetic wireless chargers, TWS earbuds, ANC and ENC noise-canceling earphones, etc., which has earned plenty of attention from visitors.

Many entrepreneurs, individual customers, and distributors who came to our booth showed great interest in our products and services. Accompanied by our sales representatives, they test our products and have a deeper understanding of our franchisee program while expressing a further collaborative intention with us.

Just like an old saying, "It is a joy to have friends coming from afar", BWOO representatives treat every visitor in the same way. They are so glad to meet every visitor, treat them as friends, and sincerely share our products and services with them. That enabled us to successfully establish contacts and cultivate partnerships with many guests.

Owing to our uncompromising product quality, innovative technologies, and professional services, BWOO representatives also made great business success on the show. We believe that either our products or services are always dedicated to making life better a and offering you the best wealth opportunity. As the motto of this trading show is promoting bilateral trade between China and Indonesia and cultivating partnerships, what we do fits in with this mission.