Published:July 2022

Before you start browsing our website,please be sure to read and understand the content of this policy carefully,and ensure that you fully understand and agree to use it.

This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect,purpose of collecting information,how it is processed and your rights in this regard. (also known as "BWOO", “We”),owned by Guangzhou Wusen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is the information manager and responsible for processing your personal information.By using the BWOO website,you are consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

We have created this policy to help you understand the following:

1. Type of personal information and how we use personal infomration

2. Storage of personal information

3. Where do we store and process personal information

4. How do we share and publicly disclose your personal information

5. Your rights in the processiong of personal information

6. Other

7. How to contact us

We collect and process your personal information when you contact BWOO through various channels (website, APP,dealer and customer support services).

(1) Types of personal information:

• Information that you provide to us directly,such as:contact details,name,phone number,email address and company.

• Information when contacting us when visiting the homepage or other pages.When you visit the homepage or other pages of our website to contact us actively, and leave us a message to provide comments,suggestions or consultation,etc.,you need to leave your contact information,including your name, phone number, email address,message content,etc.

• Access information when the community asks or comments.When you visit the community page of our website and need to ask us a question,we may ask you to provide corresponding personal information,including your nickname,email,IP address,question content,etc.


Why and how we use your personal information:

• To know who is visiting our website,we store your contact details.We need this information to respond to emergencies.

• As an enterprise,we will process your personal information on the basis of our own legitimate interests.

(2) Relevant information we obtain during your visit to our website:

• Device and network information: IP address,email,tracking/protocol data,product information you have viewed,browser type and version,network service provider,etc.

Interaction record information:the query information you enter or the questions and information you provide for customer support.Your communication records formed via Chat Online,telephone or email.

Log information:When you visit our website to learn about our products,services,information,etc.,the time of each visit,the path to the page you visit,event information(such as error,restart,upgrade)etc.

Why and how we use your personal information:

• In order to remember your preferences,understand the use of our website and applications,and to customize our marketing products,as well as to deal with and maintain network related issues,we will use "cookies" and other similar technologies to collect information about your behavior,such as email address,tags and other identifiers.

(3) Types of your personal information we obtain from third parties:

• User-generated content that you post on social media,such as images or other personal information you provide to us (such as location or other identifying information),in accordance with the terms of the User-Generated Content license.

Why and how we use your personal information:

• We collect user-generated content that you post on social media under the terms of the User-Generated Content license,such as images or other personal information you provide to us (such as location information or other identifying information).

• We will process the above information with your consent.

Statement:For individual users who have purchased and used BWOO products,we suggest that you can contact the dealer or online sales platform of the BWOO products you purchased firstly.

(1) Agents,suppliers or other business contacts:

Type of personal information:

• Contact information you provide us directly,such as emails containing:name,title,e-mail,address, company and telephone number.

Why and how we use your personal information:

• In the course of communicating and interacting with you,whether it is a supplier or other business contact,BWOO will collect and process your personal information to manage BWOO’s relationship with you or your company.Based on BWOO's legitimate interests,we will save your information for the performance of BWOO's agreement with you or your company,or to manage BWOO's relationship with you when it is determined that BWOO's interests in processing personal information outweigh your interests relation.

• We provide you with customized information,including news,major events, industry competitions,and similar marketing content about BWOO and related products,as well as products it manufactures in partnership with third parties.Our processing of this information will require your consent.

(2) Marketing:

Type of personal information:

• Information you provide to us when you purchase products and contact us,including contact information, products you click on.

• If you have a BWOO account,we will also process account-related personal information you submit,such as contact information purchase history,profile,purchases and website browsing history,based on your preferences.We use personal information obtained from you or third parties in combination to analyze and predict your interests,preferences and behaviors to provide you with a personalized experience.We may also use personal information collected through website cookies,plug-ins or other web tracking technologies for the purposes described above.

Why and how we use your personal information:

• We will use your personal information to email you tailored messages,invitations,and other similar marketing content.

• To optimize your BWOO experience,we will provide you with relevant information, recommend products, and remind you of the latest product information.All of these services are based on your previous interests in products,what you click on and the information you provide to us.

• If you have a Google or social media account such as Facebook,Instagram and YouTube,we may send you product and latest event information via NEWS.

• We will process the above information subject to your consent to receive marketing content and cookies.

• If you provide us with your personal information in order to receive information from us or our authorised distributors(such as BWOO's product catalogue or general information),we will store your information in a database for marketing purposes.If you view or download information,we will keep track of your visit. In addition,this information helps to provide you with customized information and to provide us with information about which parts of the website are most visited.

(3) Customer Service / Technical Support / renew

Type of personal information:

• Information related to your case/request.

• Your contact details,product model number,product warranty information,place of purchase and other relevant information that BWOO may request to process your request.

• Your usage information,such as personal data; information related to your (paired) BWOO product, including product model number, order number,type,date and frequency of use of the product and app; third parties available in our app Service encryption credentials,attribute information related to the BWOO device you choose,such as the name you customized for your BWOO product; product usage activity log (unless you disable this feature).

• If you contact BWOO customer service by phone,we may record the call.

• If you use the app,we will automatically receive information about BWOO products and how you use them. Such information includes:technical information (such as your product serial number or model),device operating system version,IP address,SSID,log files,usage information,and diagnostic information (such as battery life,wireless connection quality,and error logs).Note that you can change your privacy settings within the app.

Why and how we use your personal information:

• In the process of communicating and interacting with you,BWOO collects and processes the information you provide to us via email,chat function,telephone and social media.

• We will use your personal information to provide you with services.In this case,we will use your personal information to handle your questions, complaints and warranty matters and to provide technical support.

• We may also contact you via email, phone, social media or any other means if there is a problem with your order or product.

• With your consent,we will collect your call recordings to improve our customer service.

• When processing an order,we use your personal information to verify your identity to prevent fraud or other illegal activities.

• We will send you relevant product updates.

• As an enterprise,we will process your personal information above for our own legitimate interests or as necessary to perform our contractual obligations to you.

We will not keep information longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. The length of time we retain information is determined by the purpose for which it was collected and used.

Based on relevant laws,after the expiration of the following period,the relevant personal information will be deleted,unless the information can be legally stored and processed for other purposes.

Improvement/Customer Service/Technical Support

Personal information relating to the personal benefits we provide you will be stored and processed for 5 years from the date of your last BWOO purchase.Personal information related to your feedback to our products and services will be stored and processed for 2 years from the date you fill out the questionnaire and feedback questionnaire.

(1) In order to ensure that the information we save is always the latest version,we may ask you to log in to your account and update the information.

After unsubscribing, we will retain a minimum amount of data to be able to demonstrate that we have obtained consent for two years' terms.

(2) Information retention

We will retain your personal information in the following ways:

Cookies are kept for a maximum of 1 year.Visitors to our official website will be kept for 2 months.

(3) Customers and other business contacts

BWOO will keep your personal information for the duration of the relationship with you and for as long as the law requires thereafter,including when relevant laws require BWOO to keep personal information. Regarding marketing,we will save your personal information with your consent.

The Internet is not an absolutely secure environment,and the communication with other users,such as emails, instant messaging,social software, etc.,cannot be determined to be completely encrypted.We recommend that you use complex passwords when using such tools,and pay attention to protecting the security of your personal information.

(1) Normally,your personal information is processed by our servers located in the People's Republic of China.Our web page operation and maintenance technical team is located in the People's Republic of China.

We will strictly follow the provisions of laws and regulations, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy, personal information collected and processed in the People's Republic of China will be stored in accordance with applicable Chinese laws,and your rights will be protected.

(2) We also ask you to understand that due to the limitations and rapid development of technology in the Internet industry and various malicious attack methods that may exist,even if we do our best to strengthen security measures,it is impossible to always guarantee 100% information security.

Please understand that the system and communication network you use to access our website may have security problems in other links beyond our control.

We may share personal information and other services with third-party service providers who assist us in payment,marketing,data processing,business consulting,delivery,data analysis,document management, surveys.Some of these third parties are located in the United States,EU countries and other countries, and we disclose personal information to the following categories of recipients:

(1) Customs agents for customs clearance purposes, where applicable, to support buyers with international sales/purchases;logistics partners to provide delivery services for buyers and sellers,including returns and exchanges,and for sellers Warehousing services;in order to ensure a smooth browsing experience for you,our website may contain links to third-party websites, products and services.You can choose whether to access or accept websites,products and services provided by third parties.

(2) This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites,products or services linked to third parties through our services,and we are not responsible for how third-party websites,products or services collect, use, and process your personal information.Websites, products or services provided by third parties may collect your personal information.Before you use third-party products or services,please read and fully understand the privacy policies of the products or services provided by third parties.

(3) We have no control over the privacy and data protection policies of third parties and such third parties are not bound by this policy.Before submitting personal information to third parties,please understand the privacy protection policies of those third parties.

(4) When we disclose your personal information to third parties, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that these third parties are bound by confidentiality and privacy protection responsibilities in protecting your personal information.Information disclosure needs to comply with legal requirements, including entering into information processing agreements with relevant third parties to ensure that personal information is processed only in accordance with our instructions,applicable laws and regulations,and the purposes specified by us, and to ensure that appropriate security measures are taken.

You have a number of rights in relation to our processing of your personal information under the General Data Protection Regulation.If you would like to exercise your rights,please contact us.Please note that we need to verify your identity before you can access and make changes to your account.If you already have an account,you can also access your personal information by logging into your account.

Right to view information (right of access)

You have the right to access the personal information you provide to us for processing in a commonly used,structured,machine-readable format, and to provide this information to any third party.

Right to Correction (Correction):You have the right to correct errors in your personal information.If the personal information you provide to BWOO changes,we recommend that you update it in time. To ensure the timeliness of the personal information we process,we ask you to review it at your convenience. If personal information changes, please update it at least once a year.

Right to erasure:In exceptional circumstances, you have the right to delete your personal information before our regular erasure time.If you request deletion,your personal information will be deleted from BWOO's servers immediately,and for those information stored in backups,it may take two to two months to complete all deletion processes.

Right to restrict or object to processing:You have the right to restrict our processing of your personal information in certain circumstances.In addition,you have the right to object to the processing of your personal information,even if BWOO has collected and processed it in accordance with its legitimate interests,for example,when we provide you with relevant product software updates,recording your shipping information to make your future shopping process easier,or when we conduct analysis and statistics on the type,date and frequency of your use of BWOO products.

Right to withdraw consent: Some of BWOO's processing will require your consent.In this case, you have the right to withdraw your permission at any time.If you give us your consent to process your personal information, you can revoke your consent at any time.Revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of our processing of information with your consent.If you withdraw your consent,we will stop processing your personal information and delete the relevant data.

Further information: You can learn more about your rights in the data subject rights guide published by your local data protection authority.You can also contact us.

Right to Complain:If you want to make a complaint,please contact us.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint or with the handling of your complaint by BWOO,you can lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.

(1) Third-party websites,plug-in and services

BWOO's websites, applications and products may contain links to third-party websites,plug-in(such as social media login plug-in)or services(such as voice control features provided by Amazon or Google). For the function of playing sound with the support of BWOO products,please note that BWOO does not collect or process any recordings,and only provides third-party services.

If you choose to use these websites,plug-in or services,you may disclose your information to third parties. BWOO is not responsible for the content or conduct of such websites,plug-in or services. The collection, use and disclosure of personal information will be governed by these third party privacy policies, not this Privacy Policy.We strongly recommend that you carefully read the privacy and security policies of the relevant third parties.

(2) Information security

BWOO is committed to protecting your personal information. Under BWOO's control,we take the necessary organizational,technical and administrative measures to protect your personal information, including the management of access,transfer,entry and availability,as well as data segregation.

The use of BWOO's series of online services is protected by an access restriction policy based on username and password. Be sure to choose a strong password for your account and protect your password from being leaked.

If you provide BWOO with personal information, this information will be encrypted and stored securely on BWOO's web server. Under the framework provided by BWOO, all external transfers of personal information are protected by encryption.

All information storage and processing activities in BWOO and its business partners' computer facilities are governed by written contracts.

If you have reason to believe that your interactions with BWOO are no longer secure (for example, you discover that your account with BWOO has been compromised), please contact us immediately to let us know of the issue.

(3) Use by children

BWOO does not target children and has no intention of attracting children. Therefore, our online services (including personal accounts in websites and apps provided by BWOO for the collection of personal information) are not intended for persons under the age of 18, such users should not be allowed access to our services, and we urge Adults do not provide BWOO with any personal information. Minors must obtain the express consent of a parent or legal guardian before accessing or providing any personal information. If notified by a parent or guardian or otherwise discovered that a child under the age of 18 has provided BWOO with his/her personal information, we will cancel his/her personal account and delete the personal information we have stored about him/her .

(4) Changes to Privacy Policy

BWOO will revise or update this Privacy Policy when necessary to reflect changes in BWOO's products and services and changes in applicable statutes, regulations or practices, and when necessary to address customer feedback. Therefore, please check regularly. The date of last update will be indicated at the top of the document.

If there are material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting a notice or sending a notice.

(5) Sale of personal information

5.1 Types of Personal Information and How We Use Personal Information

Please read Section 1 (Type of personal information and how we use personal infomration) of this Privacy Policy to learn about the types of personal information we collect and process and how we use your personal information.

5.2 We do not and will not sell your personal information.

(6) Visitors from California have the following rights:

6.1 Right to Know About Personal Information Collected or Disclosed

You have the right to request that we disclose to you certain information about our collection and use of your personal information over the past 12 months. Upon receipt and confirmation of your request (see instructions and descriptions below), we will disclose to you:

- the categories of personal information we collect about you;

- the categories of sources of personal information we have collected about you;

- Our business or commercial purpose for collecting personal information;

- the categories of third parties with which we share personal information;

- the specific personal information we collect about you;

6.2 Right to request deletion of personal information

Except in certain special circumstances, you have the right to request that we delete any personal information collected and stored from you. Except in exceptional circumstances, upon receipt and confirmation of your request (see instructions and descriptions below), we will delete and direct our service providers to delete your personal information from our records.

We may deny your request if we or our service providers need to keep this information for the following purposes:

- Complete the transaction for which we collected personal information,enforce a written warranty or product recall clause in accordance with federal law, provide the goods or services you request,take reasonable action insofar as we maintain a business relationship with you,or perform a contract with you in order to perform Contracts;

- detect security incidents and prevent malicious,deceptive,fraudulent or illegal activities;or prosecute those responsible for such activities;

- Debug or find and fix bugs that affect expected functionality;

- to exercise freedom of speech, to ensure that other consumers exercise their right to freedom of speech, or to exercise other rights under the law;

- Comply with California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (California Penal Code Chapter 1546, etc.)

- only for internal purposes that meet your expectations based on your relationship with us;

- to comply with legal obligations;

- For other internal and lawful purposes consistent with the context of the personal information you provide.

(7) How to exercise your rights

To exercise your right to know,access,or delete personal information,please submit a verifiable user request to us in one of the following ways:


Your verifiable user request must:

a. Provide sufficient information to enable us to reasonably verify that you are the owner or authorized representative of the personal information;

b. Describe your request in detail so that we can properly understand,evaluate and respond.

If we are unable to verify your identity or authority to confirm that the personal information relates to you, we will not be able to respond to your request or provide you with the personal information. There is no need to create an account to make a verifiable user request.We will only use the personal information provided in the verifiable user request to verify the requester's identity or permissions.

Response time and method:

We will acknowledge receipt of the request within 10 days and let you know how we will handle your request. We strive to respond substantively within 45 days of receiving your verifiable user request.If more time is required (up to 90 days),we will inform you in writing of the reason and extension period. Any disclosures we provide will only cover the 12 months prior to receipt of a verifiable user request. In addition,we will explain why we are unable to fulfill the request (if applicable).When processing data migration requests,we will provide your personal information in a format that is convenient for you to migrate,ensuring that you can migrate your data without a hitch.

We do not charge any fees for processing or responding to your verifiable user request unless the request is excessive, repetitive or manifestly unfounded.

BWOO does not sell your personal information and therefore does not offer any financial incentive programs to consumers or customers,and does not assess the impact of consumer or customer information on

the value of BWOO.We aim to ensure that our Privacy Policy continually meets all legal requirements to maintain and respect your privacy.

If you have any questions,comments or suggestions about this policy or our services,you can contact us in the following ways.

(1) Email to:

(2) Mail the following letters:

Address:Room 2605,No. 888,Yuncheng West Road, Baiyun District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,China



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